The Journey Has Started

I feel so excited writing my first post on the start of my lifelong journey of many many passions, this being one of them (writing). I have always felt like i am a leader and that throughout my life, i have helped push, motivate and inspire many people in and around my life and my goal with this blog is to document my journey and goals as i attempt to “make it out the hood” and in doing so, it is my hope that people who follow my journey will see not only how achievable it is to progress in life, but for me to provide a blueprint for them to try and gain success also. I will be providing information and advice on everything from money, investments, general advice, how i dealt with issues, basically anything that can further one’s life and help avoid any negativity or traps!

I won’t go into too much detail in this post but i will ask the question of success. What is success? Success differentiates from one person to another which is the unique and beautiful thing about the world we live in. Success for me means happiness, freedom, the ability to follow my passion and dreams and smile every day. And i have a good idea how i can achieve my success as i journey and take a leap to “get out the hood”.

Lastly, I think its only right for me to define what i think is the hood and why I feel it necessary for me to “get out the hood”. For me, I perceive the hood as a limited and somewhat negative culture, lifestyle and existence. The hood is conformity, lack of belief, lack of opportunity and constant barriers and resistance to rise. The hood is a way of life for many many people. In addition, I call it the hood, probably because I am black and that is what it is known as to me, however no matter what colour, race, creed, there’s a hood everywhere (ghetto, slums, council estate, projects etc) and many millions of people who are living within such environments and accepting them as normal. The hood is lack of or limited education.

I don’t know why or how but I have always felt or known I was different and believe I am destined for something and that is why I have to keep pushing and progressing to realise my dreams and goals.

I hope you will share my journey with me. Please sign up to the blog and if you enjoy reading it, please share it with someone.


  1. Tru Powell

    So proud of you for unapologetically sharing your journey with the world. Loving the title and its really apt for where you are now and what you will achieve in the not so distant future. Truly inspiring. Look forward to walking this road with you 🙂


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