30 Quotes in 30 Days – Day 10

“If, inside, you possess good qualities, such as compassion or spiritual forgiveness… then external factors will not affect the internal peace of the mind”

– Dalia Lama
I have a feeling that this will be one of the most underrated quotes that i post but for me, it is probably one of the most powerful (i say this everyday lol!). Inner peace and a quiet mind is bliss. It is as beautiful as a great night sleep, or as beautiful as a nice hot bath with bubbles, or as beautiful as the sun hitting your face through a window on a lovely spring morning.
I started practicing meditation probably only 12 months ago (i wish i started 12 years ago) because i felt like i had a lot of conflict in my mind, a lot of thoughts that i didn’t want to be reminded of were surfacing every day and they would frustrate me and hold me back mentally and emotionally. I had to figure out a way to deal with this. Following research, i noticed a lot of books and people were talking about how to quiet the mind and most of it centered around meditation.
I started slowly, only doing 5 minutes a day and immediately i was hooked. I noticed improvements in my mood, thoughts and overall character immediately. I would meditate for 5 minutes anytime i felt worked up but mainly in the morning 1st thing. It felt like i had found a miracle drug the way it impacted my life. For the first time in a long time i could see clearly like i had just come back from the opticians and my vision was now pure.
The benefits of meditation were noticed by many. I was able to forgive a lot of people easier than before, i was able to remain calm whilst many others around me at work cursed and moaned about their jobs. I would walk into work with a smile and leave with a smile and my work quality improved. It improved because i was able to focus and concentrate longer than before. I didn’t sit there and get frustrated about something someone did 6 years ago or i wasn’t getting beat up over that idiot who cut me up on the way to work. Life feels great! In addition to this, i had my best year ever in my relationship with my Fiance. She benefited from a calmer Paul. Our relationship reached amazing heights never seen before. It is such a mystery to my why meditation is such an unknown tool.
Take away from this is your mind is your most powerful tool. It needs exercise and work just like the going to the gym or eating the right food. Whilst meditation is not an easy skill to learn, let alone master, once you start and realise the benefits, you won’t look back. When i don’t meditate, i quickly know just like if i don’t get a good night sleep. My day is often not as great. There’s no surprise that a lot of celebrities and top ranking employees meditate. A clear mind will allow you to push towards your goals and dreams a lot faster i promise!
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