My hope is you will get to know me better by reading my blog but I will try and give you a brief overview of who I am.

For as long as I can remember, I have always felt like I was special and that I had the ability to stand out and do more. My upbringing was good, I learned a lot from my surroundings but my parents did not have much money growing up and not that I am money driven, but I suppose a lack of opportunity is what I am referring to.

I have always been ambitious and a go getter from a young age. I wanted so bad to be a footballer growing up and I came extremely close considering I started late at 13! I suppose my work ethic stemmed from then. I also had a paper round for many years which paid me £16 a week, but was strenuous to say the least! I also had an entrepreneurial spirit about me and I used to buy and sell Pokemon cards at school and I remember making over £500 in 2-3 weeks which was a lot of money for a 15 year old at the time.

At 19 I took a big risk and I opened up my first business venture selling children and baby clothes. Haha it didn’t last long (9 months) but I had the belief and confidence to know that one day I would achieve all my goals and dreams which was to become rich.

Between then and now, I have become degree educated and carved out a half decent career as a DJ. I suppose I had become somewhat lost and I am the first to admit, I was living what I labelled myself as an ‘artificial life’ in the fact that I was ‘hood rich’ but on paper I had nothing and at any moment, I was susceptible to falling on my face if I didn’t take action.

I think the day it really hit home was when I started my 1st employed job in 7-8 years and I said to myself I cannot and will not do this for the next 30-40 years. I NEEDED to find a way to escape what I call the ‘Matrix’. The rat race of the 9-5 world which many millions become so accustomed and conform to like it is normal and that we don’t have a choice. I had a choice and I have been working hard ever since.

I could write so much more but it would spoil the blog and will spoil my future best-selling book too.

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